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4Pcs Damascus Knife Blade Set (Green)

4Pcs Damascus Knife Blade Set (Green)

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A beautifully cooked steak deserves more than an ordinary knife. The struggle of sawing through a succulent cut with a dull blade can diminish the dining experience.

Embrace the luxury of Damascus Knife Blade Set. Meticulously crafted from VG10 Damascus steel, these knives effortlessly complement the art of steak preparation and dining.


🔪 VG10 Damascus Steel Blade: 67 layers of high-quality steel provide a sharp, durable cutting edge for precise slicing.

Elegant Abalone Shell Handle: The unique handle design is not only stylish but offers a comfortable, balanced grip.

🔍 12° Double Beveled Edge: Precision and accuracy in every cut, ensuring your steak's tenderness is preserved.


⚖️ Perfectly Balanced: A full-tang design for well-distributed weight and ease of use.

🎖️ Artisan Craftsmanship: Each knife is a work of art, showcasing the skill and precision of expert artisans.

Transform your steak dinners into an experience of sophistication and precision with the Damascus Knife Blade Set—a must-have for any steak connoisseur.

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