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9-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set (White)

9-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set (White)

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Step into a world where culinary precision meets pristine aesthetics with the 9-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set (White).

Each knife is balanced to reduce fatigue and designed to make every preparation task more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a culinary enthusiast, this set will inspire your cooking and elevate the presentation of your dishes.


Set Includes:

  • Slaughter Knife: With a 2.0mm thickness and a weight of 272g, this knife is designed for the precise task of butchering with ease and finesse.

  • Bunka Knife: A versatile chef's tool with a 1.8mm thickness and a weight of 260g, perfect for a variety of cutting tasks.

  • Chef Knife: The essential kitchen workhorse, also at 1.8mm thickness and 260g, this knife is engineered for balance and multipurpose cutting.

  • Kiritsuke Knife: At 1.8mm thickness and weighing 255g, this knife is a favorite for its multi-use adaptability and stylish design.

  • Bread Knife: With its 1.8mm serrated blade weighing 238g, this knife glides through bread loaves with clean precision.

  • 7-inch Nakiri Knife: A vegetable specialist at 2.0mm thickness and 256g, for effortless chopping and slicing of greens and produce.

  • Santoku Knife: Another all-rounder at 2.0mm thickness and 256g, known for its efficiency in slicing, dicing, and mincing.

  • Utility Knife: A nimble tool at 2.1mm thickness and 222g, it fills the gap between the chef's knife and the paring knife.

  • Paring Knife: The smallest in the set, at 1.6mm thickness and 107g, it is perfect for peeling and other delicate work.


Each blade in this collection is a testament to the art of cutlery, meticulously crafted from 67 layers of Damascus steel treated in an oil furnace vacuum for unparalleled strength and beauty.

The handles are as striking as they are comfortable, made from exquisite white turquoise stone, promising a secure grip and a graceful presence in any kitchen setting.

This 9-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set (White) is more than just a collection of kitchen tools; it's a showcase of peak performance matched with stunning elegance

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