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Ladder Pattern Damascus Knife

Ladder Pattern Damascus Knife

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Finding a knife that blends impeccable sharpness with enduring quality can be a daunting task for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

Enter the Ladder Pattern Damascus Knife, a masterpiece of functionality and beauty. Crafted with 73 layers of AUS 10V Damascus Steel, it promises precision and longevity in every slice. 


🔪 Exquisite Damascus Steel: Forged with 73 layers, offering exceptional sharpness and a striking ladder pattern design.

🌊 Elegant Blue Pakkawood Handle: Combines beauty and ergonomics, providing a comfortable grip and a splash of color to your kitchen.

⚖️ Optimal Hardness: A robust 60±2 HRC hardness ensures durability and lasting edge retention.

📐 Precision Angle: Sharpened to a fine 12-degree angle per side for unmatched cutting performance.

Polished Finish: The blade's surface is polished for a high-end appearance that matches its superior performance.

Enhance your culinary arsenal with the Ladder Pattern Damascus Knife – where elegance meets practicality for an unmatched cutting experience.

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